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Note Encore is the two-way loudspeaker system with enclosed baffle-board. Middle-bass driver with membrane of a diameter 5,9 inches is used in the system. Tweeter used in the loudspeaker has soft dome from silk cloth of a diameter 0,98 inches.

Baffle-board of the NOTE Encore loudspeaker is made up from HDF (High Density Fibreboard) with sufficient quantity bonding agent. Cabinet is stiffened by the system of accurately designed HDF and wooden reinforcements, ingenious muting resonance, which originate inside the cabinet during reproduction.

Inner side of the loudspeaker cabinet is effectively dumped by the thick film of special masses on the base of “bitumen” that aims to mute further remaining resonant modes on the baffle’s surface. This solving method displays practically mainly during reproduction in the lowest frequency spectrum. To prevent standing waves and to optimalize the (working) settings of the loudspeaker efficiency a special melamine- polyurethane matter of a corresponding volumetric weight is installed on the critical places inside the cabinet.

Enclosures are manufactured by default of natural veneer modification. On the front side where both drivers are installed, the material AUDIOBAC (Audio Bandpass Absorber Compound) is placed. AUDIOBAC is specially designed for referential modular system VOBA Know-How. This material aims the absorption of an unsuitable resonance of the loudspeaker drivers on the baffle’s front side.

Frequency filter (crossover) is always engineered with the use of first-rate parts without circuit’s connection. Input terminals are gold plated all- metal euphuistic clamps for conductors for the cross-section 0,31 inch. For speaker interference purposes for frequency filter there are used cables with sufficient cross-section from CABLE 4 YOU production inside the system.
technical specifications

description: 2 way monitor, closed
middle-bass: 1x5,9 inch
tweeter: 1x0,98 inch
crossover frequency: 1900 Hz
crossover: Linkwitz-Riley,
impedance: 8 ohm
dimensions: 37,4x8,3x10 inch
weight: 64 lbs
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