According to the price of repro-systems NOTE Commona is almost unbelievable, that in comparison with my referential very expensive three-way modular loudspeaker systems, these "cheap" ones have better space and definition of musicians in my home space of listening..."

"... the "silence" is amazing....... Such silence in the music. I have never heard it like that before. When I close my eyes the singer’s voice sounds like being here with me..."

" When I compare the two-way loudspeakers NOTE Encore with the referential Scandinavian ones, then I must state, that the Scandinavian boxes are not very suitable for listening my favourite music. To be honest they seems to me more like the audiophiles’ boxes, where everything is heard, but the music itself is disappearing. I am not interested in them at all. Easily, I am not interested in listening of giggling and so on...I like listening the technique of music and the records’ "atmosphere" and I am going through various genres. I prefer the production with any marked contours, that is what NOTE loudspeakers offer without any compromise."

"...the sound is immediately smooth with reproduction loudspeakers NOTE and everything is heard and nothing disturbs me in fact. For more they are only two-way loudspeakers still the basses go deep. When I close my eyes I feel like having much bigger boxes."

"...I am totally taken in by the rich and clear music. These loudspeakers are excellent and I do think that any other two-way boxes would play such wire spectre of music, which I am listening to. Thanks!"

"...I prefer such audio system or loudspeakers, which negotiate musical experience, so that it does not disturb me during listening and that it does not consider all my attention. The NOTE loudspeakers offer it without any discussion. Music is the most important for me and these boxes suite me absolutely."

"...these loudspeakers play really well. I connect it in my home audio system and I really stay in wonder, what I hear. Thanks!"

"... I don’t know exactly why, but now I listen to all kinds of music-even to the ones I listened long time ago. Titles, which I was not interested in very much, sound totally different now. It made my "music’s point of view " wider. Listening to music is nearly my "drug".

"Thank you very much for opening a new outlook of my life to me. Listening to music is the most preferable doing now (well, apart of my active musical production). Continue in such great work, made for people, who like listening music in their homes. You create a never-ending passion in man’s ear."

"I see great contribution in everything in comparison with my previous loudspeakers. It is interesting that the difference among sounds of each component of my audio system grew up."

" just flows from my audio set. I feel like the loudspeakers are not even here. I watch them, but still it seems that they are NOT playing..."

"Great, sound’s absolutely perfect! You are just listening, but you do hear anything. If you get used to it, it became to "climbing" on you. Details, beautiful and concrete but not shaped trebles, deep basses..."

"...very nice... The loudspeakers disappear and only the sound stays on. .. my business. This kind of reproduction never bores, and it should be so"

"...I can’t trust my own ears, but it’s like that. These loudspeakers play already from 25 Hz!! (In attenuation for sure). 20 Hz shakes windows only, but 25 Hz really play already! Unbelievable according to the size of the loudspeakers. Another positive for closed boxes."

"So I play on and on...and I feel like the new amplifier and these loudspeakers just took Diana Krall to my listening room :-)"

"...suddenly there is an incredible space with these loudspeakers. They really play well being freely in the room (note: far from the walls of a metal room), basses mainly - played nowhere else, perhaps..."

The "silence" is amazing ......

Such silence in the music.

When I close my eyes the singer’s voice sounds like being here with me ...